More than just a slogan

Studies of the environment show that most of the global warming that has occurred in recent decades can be attributed to greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans – in particular carbon dioxide (CO2). Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. Unfortunately, its effects are posing ever more of a threat. Hardly a day goes by when we don't hear about weather-related natural disasters, melting glaciers or rising sea levels.

That's why sustainability – in relation to not just ecological but also economic and social criteria – is extremely important for Sunstar, and far more than just a buzzword. For years, the Sunstar Hotels group has set itself the goal of "going the extra mile" with regard to all aspects of sustainability and in this way helping to ensure the long-term wellbeing of our guests, our employees and Nature itself. Unspoilt scenery and distinctive cultural characteristics constitute the capital wealth of the tourist industry.

Between May 2008 and October 2019, the Sunstar Hotels group fully offset all the CO2 emissions from its Swiss hotels. From November 2019, Sunstar Hotels will be implementing a new model from the Swiss foundation, myclimate, which it hopes will enable it to invest even more in regional climate protection.

Under the "Cause We Care" initiative, we give our guests the option of actively making a useful contribution to climate protection by giving a voluntary donation. Sunstar Hotels will double their donation. Part of the sum will be used to support reputable international climate protection projects so that the guests' entire stay is climate-neutral. Sunstar will invest the remaining amount in local sustainability projects.

We want you to enjoy the joy of life and a high quality of life – after all, that's our overall strategy – and lots of memorable holiday experiences at our Sunstar hotels. Thank you very much for your support - because when it comes to sustainability, it's down to all of us - just as it’s for the good of all of us.



Whenever you book a room, either online or directly with the hotel, you can choose to give a small voluntary donation which will have a dual effect: we guarantee that all the CO2 emissions from your stay will be offset by myclimate climate protection projects.

At the same time, we will invest the same amount again in in-house sustainability programmes, for example in  energy-efficient windows, water-saving sanitation and electric hotel buses, thereby reducing our own CO2 emissions and energy consumption.


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I care – Book a stay with Sunstar and pay a voluntary CHF 3 per adult/night for climate protection. Then you can be sure that your holiday is climate-neutral.

We care – Make a donation and we will double it and put both sums in the "Cause We Care" fund.

We share – That fund is used to offset the emissions from your holiday with myclimate projects. Sunstar also invests in internal climate protection measures


Kommunales Wiederaufforsten des Waldes, Projekt 7186
Project 7186

Project type: Land use and forest
Project location: Esteli, San Juan de Limay, Nicaragua
Annual CO₂ reduction: 78,000 t

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Biogas plant

myclimate klimaschutzprojekt, Biogasanlage Indien
Project 7149
Biogas plant

Project type: Biogas
Project location: Kolar District, Karnataka state, India
Annual CO₂ reduction: 45,650 t