Wellness & Spa

Plunge in and recharge.

Vitality and inner peace are the most precious of all natural assets. That’s why we as hosts at the Sunstar Hotel Beau-Site Saas-Fee like to do everything we can to help our guests to feel great. Our tempting range of wellness & spa offers give you the chance to step back from your everyday routine, rediscover yourself and top up your energy levels.

Swimming in the grotto pool

A beautiful centre of attraction is the indoor pool with underwater bubble bench where our guests can luxuriate in water that is 29° warm and 1.40 m deep. The charming grotto pool with its waterfall, artistic murals, contrasting play of colours and sophisticated lighting effects make the whole pool area into a real treat for the senses.

Finnish sauna

The ideal temperature for this traditional sauna is about 85° Celsius. A proper sauna puts less strain on the heart and circulation than a very hot bath. The heat encourages perspiration and the release of waste products such as fatty acids, urea etc. from the body. The high temperature boosts the circulation and relaxes all your muscles, stimulating the body to dispose of more waste products. If you want to try a new way of cooling off, you should take a turn in the spray mist booth. A truly refreshing and invigorating experience.


The cabin is filled with the vapours of plant extracts. This is a way of providing the body with important minerals, trace elements and healing substances which have a beneficial effect in maintaining or restoring your good health. Furthermore, the different fragrances – there are four natural aromas to choose from – help you to relax, improve your ability to work and concentrate and create a wonderful sense of wellbeing.

Augusta Raurica thermal baths

Steam bath – caldarium approx. 45° Celsius
Mild radiant heat, combined with steam and herbal extracts is perfect for your skin, hair and respiratory organs.



Balance and relaxation.
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Partial body massage

Targeted loosening of the muscles of your back, neck and legs

Partial body massage 25 min. - CHF 50.00

Wellness Sunstar Hotels 156 s

Whole body massage

Relaxes and unwinds you and stimulates your circulation

Whole body massage 50 min. - CHF 90.00

Wellness Sunstar Hotels 140 s

Sports massage

After your sporting exertions or to prepare you for your next training session

Sports massage 40 Min. - CHF 70.00

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Foot reflex zones massage

Pressure point stimulation; to support self-healing processes and bring your energy flows into equilibrium

Foot reflex zones massage 40 Min. - CHF 70.00

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Lymph drainage

To take away excess fluid from either your legs or your arms & head

Lymph drainage 40 Min. - CHF 70.00

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Hot stone treatment

Stimulates the circulation, helps relieve stress and insomnia

Hot stone treatment 50 Min. - CHF 100.00

Hot stone treatment 80 Min. - CHF 130.00

Schroepfen Wellnessbehandlung Sunstar Hotel Schweiz

Cupping therapy

Releases toxins, stimulates the circulation and triggers self-healing in your organs

Cupping therapy 40 Min. - CHF 60.00